Q&A: Alden Darby on love for dancing

Junior safety Alden Darby (4) celebrates after a play during the Sun Devils’ 37-7 win over Utah on Sept. 22. (Photo by Sam Rosenbaum)

From Deion Sanders to Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, dancing and celebrating has long been a part of football. While some are better at it than others, the majority of players simply use dancing as a form of expression.

ASU junior safety Alden Darby, however, treats dancing as a lifestyle. Darby, who possesses one of the more outgoing and energetic personalities on the ASU football team, recently talked to The State Press about his passion for dancing.

The State Press: You’ve told me a few times you’re the best dancer on the team, but who else is good?

Alden Darby: Oh (sophomore cornerback) Rashad Wadood, he can dance, too. (Redshirt sophomore cornerback) Kevin Anderson can dance also.

SP: Weren’t you and Rashad in some sort of dance group in high school?

AD: It was called the “Rugrats.” Back in the day, “Jerkin” was real big and we were in the same crew and used to go battle other crews and all types of stuff like that.

SP: What got you involved in that? Why did you start dancing?

AD: Growing up in Long Beach, (Calif.), and going to parties back in the day, it wasn’t about what it is about now. Now, parties are about fashion shows and doing the bad things.

Back in the day, it was about dancing. We would leave parties with our shirts sweating. We didn’t care what we wore ­–– we wore dancing clothes. If you didn’t know how to dance, there was no reason for you to go out.

It was a lot of fun in high school. Dancing was a big thing. We always practiced dancing. We had dance sessions and would make up new moves.

SP: When I see you at practice and at games you are always dancing. Do you ever stop?

AD: Honestly I don’t. It’s just something in me. I hear a beat in my head and I just want to dance.

Last week, I was with (redshirt senior safety) Keelan (Johnson) in the hotel room, and I was playing music and I’m thinking of dances in my head. I got up and said, “Keelan look at this move.” He just looked at me and said, “Man I don’t know how you do ‘that stuff.’” I just love to dance (and) I don’t stop.

When we went to the (MAACO Bowl Las Vegas) I had gotten one of the Jabbawockeez’s numbers and (Tuesday) I texted him and said, ‘Hey man, remember me, what would it take for me to dance with you guys?’ He remembered me and asked if I was talking about a job, but I said, “I play football, I’m not looking for a job.” And he said whenever football season ends, I can come dance with them.

SP: Are you going to take them up on that?

AD: Most definitely I am.

SP: You danced with them once in Vegas (for the bowl game). How would you rate your performance versus theirs, and can you keep up?

AD: With practice. Of course, they weren’t just born with those moves, some talent yeah, but a lot of practice. Sometimes I see a move and think “I can’t do that,” but I just practice and practice it, and eventually I can do it. That’s all it takes, just practice.

SP: Someone that likes dancing this much undoubtedly listens to a lot of music. What do you typically listen to?

AD: Something with a dancing beat. I have my different playlists. I have my dancing music where I don’t listen to the lyrics; I just listen to the beat. I have my slow jams. I like slow jams and R&B. I listen to R&B to listen to the lyrics and feel them.


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