Student government passes bill supporting the STEM Jobs Act

The Tempe Undergraduate Student Government senate passed a bill at Tuesday’s meeting advocating for ASU international graduate students to remain in America to work.

The bill supports the 2012 STEM Jobs Act that reallocated more than 50,000 green cards to foreign graduates from American universities with majors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Sustainability senior Songling Du, the co-chair for government operations, said USG President Mark Naufel will communicate ASU student support for the act to state and national representatives.

“We want international students to stay here and enter the job market,” Du said. “It’s hard because of the immigration process. This will make it easier for them to get a job in America.”

The USG bill stated that President Michael Crow is for the STEM Jobs Act.

Crow, along with 164 university presidents, signed a letter supporting the STEM Jobs Act in September.

USG also voted to pass an amendment to remove the five-week winter appropriations cycle from the academic school year and replace it with longer fall and spring cycles.

The adjustment is to set the spring timeline immediately in order to change the academic calendar in the next five years to create a smoother transition between fall and spring cycles.

Clubs that usually receive funding during the winter cycle can spend those funds during the same time frame.


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