USG approves bill to begin plans for allocating money to potential Tempe pavilion

The Tempe campus Undergraduate Student Government endorsed building a multi-use indoor pavilion on the Tempe campus at its biweekly meeting Tuesday night.

Senate Bill 33 addressed possible uses for the $9 million left over after ASU invested in building the recreation complexes on the Downtown, Polytechnic and West campuses.

The ASU Facilities Board originally planned to use the money for a field on the Tempe campus.

USG President Mark Naufel said most students would rather see the extra money go toward a facility that benefits students from all campuses.

He said the bill’s passage will persuade the Facilities Board to reallocate the money toward the pavilion.

Representatives of the Downtown, Polytechnic and West campuses are in support of establishing a pavilion but disagree with the distribution of the funds, according to Rhian Stotts, president of the Graduate and Professional Student Association. She has worked with the organization since 2009, when conversations about the Facilities Fee began, and voted on the fee in 2010.

Stotts said the facilities board recognized the idea of a pavilion as one of the original priorities.

The pavilion will be used for events and performances that require an indoor venue, Naufel said.

Members of the Programming and Activities Board discussed upcoming Homecoming events at each campus. There will also be Panhellenic events each day to participate at Devils on Mill Avenue.

USG approved an appointment of Peter Mardian to the ASU Supreme Court in Senate Bill 32.


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Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated Rhian Stotts's affiliation with the Facilities Fee board. It has been updated to reflect that change.

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