Bringing Hogwarts to ASU: Third annual Yule Ball

The ASU Harry Potter club expects its number of attendees for the 2012 Yule Ball to double Friday. The dance will be held in the Memorial Union. (Photo courtesy of Holly Solis)

The end of the semester brings about several thoughts. These thoughts range from the anticipation of winter break and the longing for the magic of the holidays to the looming dread associated with the sparse weeks leading up to finals.

The third annual Yule Ball, presented by ASU’s Harry Potter club, Dumbledore’s Army, is an event designed to relieve the stress of upcoming finals and enhance the beauty of winter. In tradition, the Yule Ball will be held in the Memorial Union.

The annual event at ASU is inspired by the Harry Potter series' Yule Ball, which is a formal dance held during the Triwizard Tournament. While the Yule Ball in the books takes place during the winter, the original dance at ASU took place during the spring.

The concept of the Yule Ball was created when Holly Solis established Dumbledore’s Army in 2011. Solis envisioned ending the semester with a semi-formal, Harry Potter-themed party.

Fifty people attended the first dance. The majority of attendees belonging to Dumbledore’s Army.

Another Yule Ball was held the following school year, this time during the fall semester. It still retained its semi-formal roots, but some came in Harry Potter costumes to the event.

This time, the Yule Ball was true to the book series with a winter theme. However, the 65 people who attended were not all club members.

Attendees danced to a type of music called “wizard rock,” which typically consists of songs that relate to the Harry Potter book series. However, wizard rock will not be played at the 2012 Yule Ball.

This year’s Yule Ball is expected to be larger and more accessible to the ASU student population. According to the event’s Facebook page, over 130 people have RSVP’d. The page states it is the first major Yule Ball at ASU.

“It’s different because it’s less about Harry Potter and more about having fun with each other,” Kenney Knisely, vice president of Dumbledore’s Army, said.

The 2012 Yule Ball certainly has a different twist to it.

Alexis Bristor, a Quidditch captain of ASU’s Quidditch team, approached Solis in regards to the upcoming dance. Bristor suggested this year’s Yule Ball should serve as a fundraiser for both the Quidditch club and Dumbledore’s Army.

Solis said the dance would have a winter wonderland theme. New additions to the Yule Ball include a disc jockey, free food and refreshments, along with a dance contest. ASU students are allowed to bring a maximum of two non-ASU student guests, and the attire will remain formal.

The tickets cost $8 to help pay for competition fees and club transportation. Tickets must be purchased in advance at

To ensure a swift admission, make sure to bring a printed version of the ticket. Tickets will not be available for sale at the door. It will be held in the Ventana Ballroom in the Memorial Union on Friday. The dance starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m.


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