Bears defense beats most NFL offenses

The Chicago Bears defense scores more points than most other teams in the NFL.

Lead by cornerback Charles “Peanut” Tillman and future hall-of-fame linebacker Brian Urlacher, the Bears have scored eight touchdowns on defense.

Chicago has only three less takeaways thus far this season than they did all of last year and already one more defensive touchdown.

Opposing teams have only scored nine touchdowns against the Bears defense all season.

Chicago has basically allowed their defense to make up the points the opposing team has scored against them without the offense having to make up for them.

That’s unreal. Surely, Jay Cutler and Matt Forte are grateful for that.

The Bear’s defense in Week 9 this past weekend scored more points on defense (21) than 13 of the 28 teams’ offenses did.

Anytime a team’s offense is spending more time on the field than the defense is a great sign.

Many continued to think the infamous Bear’s defense of the past had frozen solid in the Windy City, but old-man Urlacher decided otherwise this season.

After finishing No. 17 overall in defense last season, the Bears are No. 5 this season in total defense thus far, and No. 1 in takeaways-giveaways ratio.

Looks like a championship season for Chi-Town if the Bears keep it up.

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