Boos & Bravos: Nov. 2

Bravo to Amazon finally being required to charge state sales tax for purchases made on their website. Local First Arizona and other small businesses have lamented the consumers' ability to shop online to avoid paying sales tax, which draws hundreds of millions of dollars away from local companies like Changing Hands Bookstore.

Boo to overplaying “Gangnam Style.” We get it – it’s catchy. We love its silly dance, but this horse has lapped its last track. Since our Korean vocabulary is severely limited, we find ourselves awkwardly mumbling the verses until we get to our favorite 21st century Hand Jive. If it plays in a club, we’re also at a loss. No one wants to see a half-coherent college student gyrating on the floor – so we’ll see ourselves out now.

Bravo to ZIA Records for opening a new branch on 19th Avenue and Camelback Road next week. The record exchange store has eight locations and is still expanding. Record stores are becoming more and more rare as online piracy of music has risen. Purchasing a physical album is crucial for musicians and record companies to stay afloat in today’s economy. ZIA Records is keeping music alive with its newest branch.

Boo to the increasing campaign ads as Tuesday's election draws nearer. They were kind of fun for the first week, in the same way that swordfights are fun to watch for the first minute, but they've gotten old. No matter who wins the elections Tuesday, America will be the real winner because the ads may finally end – at least until midterms.

Bravo to the ASU and Chicago Cubs joint stadium discussions coming to an end. The Sun Devil Athletic department announced the end of negotiations to move ASU baseball’s home field to the new spring training facility. If the Sun Devils would have moved to the new facility, the student attendance could have declined due to proximity to campus. Having the team play at Packard Stadium creates the on-campus, home-field atmosphere, and we like that.


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