Boos & Bravos: Nov. 9

Bravo to The State Press's use of foreshadowing in its Oct. 8 headline, "Deflated USC in must-win situation at home vs. ASU." We later found out that USC terminated its student equipment manager for deflating footballs before the Trojan's game vs. Oregon last week, which makes it easier for players to throw and catch pigskins with less air. Just kidding, we really can't tell the future, but the coincidence is eerie to say the least.

Boo to the use of the race card during a post-election protest at the University of Mississippi on Wednesday. In the riot that involved 400 people outside of the school's student union, racial slurs were shouted in dissatisfaction of President Barack Obama's re-election. You figured that in an election that featured a Mormon vs. an African-American — along with other types of minorities gaining success — unhappy voters would be a little more tolerant, right?

Bravo to the incredible election milestones we witnessed on Tuesday. For one, Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay member of the U.S. Senate. For better or worse, prohibition against marijuana ended in two states, Colorado and Washington. Maine, Maryland and Washington also approved same-sex marriage, joining the ranks of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Washington, D.C., New Hampshire and New York.

Boo to the ASU registration process. Every semester, many students end up playing required course Jenga, trying to balance inconvenient class times with their work schedules. The staggering of registration dates means this stress lasts for weeks, and the unlucky students with the last set dates suffer the most.

Bravo to the new levels of competition in Arizona's political districts after redistricting. Two state congressional districts still haven't been decided, which is a far cry from the landslide victories in previously established districts. Voters have more of a voice when districts are not overwhelmingly blue or red.

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