Club focuses on fandom, costumes

Halloween may be over, but students on the West campus are not putting the costumes away.

The West campus Cos Club, which formed in late September, serves to promote cosplay, the act of dressing up as characters from movies, TV shows or comics.

Club president Tauri Icenogle said the club took inspiration from the costumes fans wear to Comic-Cons.

“All the officers know how to make costumes, elaborate ones,” she said. “When you make your first costume, it’s usually something you’re pretty proud of.”

Icenogle, an interdisciplinary studies graduate student, said one of the most worthwhile aspects of the club is teaching other members skills such as sewing basics and working with latex. The club is brainstorming future events.

“We’ll have something by the end of the year,” Icenogle said. “It won’t be elaborate, but we’ll have something.”

The Cos Club ultimately aims to hold its own convention at the West campus by next October.

Club vice president Angela Gonzales said in an email that the club wants “to promote creativity in the realms of fandom.”

The life sciences junior said the club aims to take fans beyond watching material to creating their own art based on it.

Their operating base is still small, Gonzales said.

Meetings discuss events, brainstorming costumes or checking progress on current costume projects.

Gonzales said the club lacks a focus as officers are still experimenting with what members want and expect.

She said the club is interested in costuming for charity.

“Our hope is to bring the idea that you can have fun while doing community service and bring smiles to children’s faces,” she said.

Club secretary Heather Hoag said in an email the club began as a Harry Potter fan club and morphed into an inter-fandom club.

“We want to focus on any and every fandom,” the applied commuting freshman said.

So far, that includes Doctor Who, Sherlock, the Marvel movies, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Star Trek.

Hoag said an event next semester is likely.

“I don’t think we have any money left for another event this semester,” she said.

As the club is still developing, there has yet to be a typical meeting, Hoag said.

She said future meetings might consist of members bringing in costumes to work on while episodes from relevant TV shows or movies play.

Hoag said the most rewarding part of the club is finding people with similar interests.

“It’s the community connections, man,” she said.

Meetings are every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Room 101 of the Sands building and last for about an hour.



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