Concussions: foe or fiction?

The discussion and concern with concussions in sports continues to plague the play of sporting events.

Most people relate concussions to football or mixed martial arts, but their outreach extends much further than that.

MLB, NASCAR, NBA and NHL have all had players suffer concussions this year.

The question becomes: Are doctors and professionals overreacting, thus turning concussions into a much bigger issue than necessary?

Even in my time as a sports fan, I vaguely remember the issue of concussions arising during or after games.

The argument to that is the fact that athletes are now coming out with post-traumatic stress they claim resulted from concussions. Doctors and scientists are trying to test and see if the two are somehow related.

Maybe concussions occurred even more repeatedly back in the day when less protection and support was provided.

Or, are players just prima donnas these days?

Are the players of the past now complaining of concussions they suffered during their years of stardom just for the money? Are they only bringing it up now because the concussion issue was heard worldwide?

No one may ever know.

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