Ex-Suns Nash, D’Antoni join rival Lakers

This season has been quite an interesting one for the Phoenix Suns who have seen two big pieces of its successful 2000s seasons join the Los Angeles Lakers.

First, Suns fans saw Steve Nash’s depart to the Lakers.

Some fans felt betrayed by the former 10-year Suns player left for a team whom he’d battled against so often. But others wanted Nash to leave for a team that would contend for his first championship — but not one thought that would be with the Lakers.

And now Phoenicians have a funny feeling in their stomach about former head coach Mike D’Antoni joining the Lake Show.

While D’Antoni was fired, there’s no doubt Suns fans will still feel the full wrath of the high-powered offense that D’Antoni likes to bring.

D’Antoni will partner with Nash once again, alongside two All-Star big men in Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol who will both bring diverse offense skills to the pick and roll.

D’Antoni will also get to team up with fellow former Italian resident, Kobe Bryant.

When the Lakers come to town, it’ll be nostalgic in a way to see D’Antoni and Nash conversing on the sidelines of US Airways Center.

It won’t be for the home team this time around, however.

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