Editorial: Giving thanks

It might be the most difficult time of year. Deadlines are looming, finals rapidly approaching and now the holidays are here. Luckily, our roommates and friends — the family we choose — can keep us sane. Whether they’re going to make us that last cup of coffee to help us through the night or baking cookies during a study break, friends and roommates are definitely something to be grateful for.

From the News desk: The best part of Thanksgiving is the abundance of food parents provide for us. We don't remember to eat or have food all that often, so when we do, it's cause to give thanks. If only there were parents brandishing plates of turkey in our basement newsroom each night. Additionally, we are incredibly thankful for the Macy's Day Parade. Some may contend that that is not the parade's proper name, but it is unarguably a highlight of the season to watch giant balloons bob down New York streets while curled on the couch in your pajamas. Besides, Christmas season can't start until Manhattan Santa follows Snoopy down the street in his sleigh.

From the Opinion desk: The Opinion desk is thankful for the time off, the days we can spend lounging around re-watching the entire Mad Men series. For those of us whose families live too far for a grand Thanksgiving feast, the short break provides students with an opportunity to slow down, take it easy and do absolutely nothing.

From the Photo desk: With the stress of the semester climaxing and the floodgates of finals ready to open the photo desk is thankful for the rescue parents and family provide on this pre-holiday break. Their love and comfort helps us to forget about the worries of what lies ahead. The Photo desk is also thankful to finally start hearing holiday music being played throughout the isles of department stores, in coffee shops and in the cars of those embracing the season.

From the Sports desk: As sports’ fans, the desk of sports is thankful for the day given by the gods for the “man-Christmas” that is Thanksgiving. More specifically, the day that pertains of non-stop football. Three NFL games and one top-notch college football game make for a beautiful day in sports while eating turkey, mashed potatoes — with gravy of course — and mounds of warm rolls. Our stomachs will be full with a smile on our face as we enjoy our daylong sports screening.

Also, while everyone puts their lives at risk going through the pandemonium Black Friday, we’re thankful for Cyber Monday, which has the same deals as the morning after Thanksgiving, but for online. Thanks to that, we can relax all day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and not miss out on that spanking-cheap deal for Halo 4.

From the A&E desk: The overabundance of food at Thanksgiving means there is a reserved section of the refrigerator for leftover turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes for the next few days. The A&E desk is thankful for Thanksgiving leftovers that save us that extra trip to the grocery store once the festivities end.  Cheers to carbs and those day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches. And friends and family and all that junk, too.


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