Letter: Sinema connects with students

In response to Hunter Moss’s Oct. 30 letter to the editor, “Kyrsten Sinema mocks ASU students.”


Previously, I was a college student who held little interest in my education. Kyrsten Sinema was the professor who brought light to the fun side of attending a class with a reputation of being stodgy. As my professor for two different classes, I would enter each of Kyrsten's classes excited to learn using her teaching style and leave her classes with a better understanding of the justice system. Unlike Vernon Parker, who desires to make major cuts to the Department of Education, Kyrsten wants to ensure students are able to have the same fulfilling experiences as I did when attending her classes.

Mr. Moss does not realize, or is not choosing to realize, Kyrsten is not just dedicated to each individual student she teaches, but is dedicated to helping each person achieve a proper education. Can her opponent say the same?


Randi Shelton


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