Texas A&M’s Manziel should be unanimous Heisman winner

How is there a debate for the Heisman award?

The freshman quarterback in College Station known as “Johnny Football” should be running away with this award.

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has been remarkable against some of the country’s best defenses in the SEC. He’s put up better numbers in a single season than two of the greatest college players of all time, Cam Newton and Tim Tebow.

He led the No. 9 Aggies in their first season in the SEC to an incredible 10-2 record. Plus, he defeated what many believed was an unbeatable Alabama team at home.

Even the delusional Texas A&M fan base didn’t expect its inaugural year to be this great. Johnny Football has been so good, the school and his family trademarked the phrase so others wouldn’t cash out and ruin his eligibility.

Who cares that he’s a redshirt freshman? That makes his numbers even more impressive. The choice is clear. If Johnny Football doesn’t get the Heisman, it’ll be one of the biggest snubs in the award’s history.


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