Art Murmur: Eulogy

The semester has come to an artsy end. Photo by Alec Damiano.

As the semester bludgeons us to death with final projects and exams, we wearily fight back, armed only with caffeine in one hand, rubbing our eyes with the other because we slept only three hours last night. The end is so close yet so far away.

When I first signed up to do this blog, I wanted to expose you, my readers, to things you wouldn’t have been exposed to normally.

This semester has been an interesting ride. I witnessed a guy being hung from his knees with giant metal hooks, set a pumpkin on fire, and interviewed a community of people who paint with their own blood.

Art Murmur sat down with a variety of artists and bands and attended several art shows to see them in their element.

I also created my own projects, laying them out step-by-step in case you wanted to do the same. Perhaps I taught you how to save a great deal of money, even if you didn’t decide to go through with the crafts.

And now your neighbor’s Christmas lights dangle in the wind and are gently pummeled against the wall. The weather sends chills down your spine–well, perhaps not so much in the Tempe area.

2012 is dying, and so is this blog. Now is the time to lay it to rest.

Here lies Art Murmur (2012-2012). An eclectic jumble of music, photographs, acrylic, oil, needles, ink, blood, lighter fluid, gourds, rope and more.

It shall be missed.


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