Boos and Bravos: Jan. 15

Bravo to the greatest awards show we can remember: The 2013 Golden Globes. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler teamed up to bring the funny to primetime TV, a refreshing change from last year's awkward fest, courtesy of host Ricky Gervais. There was Glenn Close, apparently intoxicated. There was an extremely grumpy Tommy Lee Jones. Best director winner Ben Affleck brought the adorable factor in his victory speech tribute to wife Jennifer Garner. Adele high-fived James Bond. Need we say more?

Boo to "The Carrie Diaries," the prequel to "Sex and the City," for its uninspired and contrived premise. While Anna-Sophia Robb is probably the closest to a Sarah Jessica Parker look-alike (their facial features are distinct), the acting seems cheap and the plot facile. Young Carrie Bradshaw needs to check her privilege.

Bravo to Dave Franco's visit to ASU this week. The younger brother of adorably adaptable James Franco, Dave is the new star of "Warm Bodies" and will be participating in a Q&A session sponsored by the ASU English department on Wednesday.

Boo to the unseasonably cold weather this week. While temperatures should rise near the end of the week, right now the below-freezing atmosphere is absolutely not what we signed up for by attending ASU. We count on clear skies and pleasant winter weather. Step it up, Arizona.

Bravo to the newly redesigned MySpace. It's now sleeker and less prone to embarrassing pre-teen angst. We hope.

Boo to a redux of the infamous "debt ceiling" fight that will no doubt take up many headlines and bore the rest of us. If we wanted to send children to represent us in Congress, we would lower the voting age.

Bravo to the Destiny's Child reunion and the new Justin Timberlake single. It's been several years since these iconic pop acts have released anything new, so it's gratifying to finally have new material. We just want to dance again.

Boo to Lance Armstrong. He's been painted as the "comeback kid" for several years now after battling cancer and going on to win seven Tour de France titles (of which he has since been stripped), so the revelation that he was using performance-enhancing drugs is disappointing to say the least.

Bravo to close football games, especially during the playoffs. They may be nerve-wracking, but it's the nail-biters we remember. An easy victory is no victory at all. Football games should be won only after blood, sweat and tears.

Boo to the tragically high numbers of military personnel who have died by their own hands. In 2012, more soldiers have committed suicide than have been killed in combat — 349 to 295.


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