Boos & Bravos: Jan. 22

Bravo to Chief Justice John G. Roberts for getting the presidential oath of office right this time around. During President Barack Obama's first inauguration, the highest judicial officer in the land flubbed his delivery of the 35-word oath. This time, he was spot on. It's unlikely that he'll ever entirely live that down.

Boo to the attack on Sergei Filin, artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia. An identified assailant threw acid in his face, resulting in burns and potential blindness. Intimidation in the Russian ballet world is apparently par for the course, though this remains a particularly vile example. Nina from "Black Swan" would be proud.

Bravo to Google Earth mapping the locations of North Korean concentration camps. A U.N. commission has since announced that it will probe the human rights violations in the rogue nation. It may not be Nobel Peace Prize-worthy, but it is a start. We look forward to the day that the North Koreans (and all others throughout the world) can join in the international community and enjoy the same rights.

Boo to the accidental shootings at a Raleigh, N.C., gun show on Jan. 19. Three people were injured, none of them seriously. While Americans may differ in their views on guns, we can all agree that accidentally shooting a gun is definitely a no-no, especially when you're surrounded by other people with guns.

Bravo to sibling rivalries. How awesome is it that brothers and lifelong competitors Jim and John Harbaugh are going to be squaring off in the ultimate championship in all of sports? Will Jim be able to beat his older brother on the biggest stage or will John have the bragging rights at the Harbaugh Thanksgiving? Either way, this battle will be way more intense than the one-on-one matches that used take place in their driveway. Let’s get ready for the Bro Bowl.

Boo to fans taking things too far at sporting events. After the NFC championship game, an Atlanta Falcons fan was stabbed in the neck by a San Francisco 49ers fan in the parking lot of the Georgia Dome after a verbal argument got out of hand. Fans need to stop this. People need to remember that it is just a game and this kind of behavior ruins professional sports.

Bravo to the start of Girl Scout cookie season. Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs — we're excited to have an excuse to hoard boxes and boxes of delicious and calorie-laden cookies. Plus, we get to support an organization promoting leadership and entrepreneurship among girls. Everyone wins.

Boo to losing to UA. Whether it was seeing the score steadily move toward the Wildcats favor near the end of the game, seeing Jahii Carson have to sit on the bench due to foul trouble or the abuse you might take from UA fans leaving the stadium, it is never fun losing to our rivals from Tucson. Good news for Sun Devil fans though: The team will have another shot at Wildcats on March 3 in Tucson.

Boo-ravo to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for deciding to expand Medicaid to provide health care to low-income Arizonans who earn up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level, (according to provisions in 2010's Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare). While it does smack of hypocrisy after the governor made several statements decrying Obamacare, this move is ultimately a good thing for Arizona.


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