Devil Dish: A tribute to Ray Lewis's career

As Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis's Hall of Fame career comes to an end, it is easy to picture yourself as a fan of one the league's best defensive players.

Lewis will be enshrined into the top tier of defensive NFL players, which includes Lawrence Taylor to Dick Butkus.

Fans got the opportunity to appreciate the phenomenal, bone-crushing gameplay of Lewis. From the animated pre-game dance that sent chills down opponents' spine to the smack talk he backed up, Lewis instilled fear and inspiration in his teammates, opposing players and fans.

No player has ever had Lewis's ferociousness on and off the field. He integrated inspirational speaking into part of his off-field routine. Whether it was to collegiate sports teams or Little Leaguers, the ability to light fire in the hearts of other athletes was a common occurrence for him.

Lewis's legacy will not only be remembered for those hard-hitting highlight reel plays he made as part of the Ravens' defense, he will also be remembered for his big heart that he enjoyed expressing outside the stadium.

Ray Lewis will go down as one of the best players of all time, and I'm proud that I witnessed the majority of it.


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