Devil Dish: Can the Ravens be stopped?

The way that the AFC playoffs have gone, one has to wonder: Are the Baltimore Ravens this season’s team of destiny?

After quickly disposing of the Indianapolis Colts, the Ravens had to meet the one-seeded Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium. Even though Ray Lewis’s retirement was a heart-warming story, there was no way they could beat Peyton Manning’s Broncos, right?

Well... they did.

Then they had to go to Foxborough and face the New England Patriots, who had just dominated the Houston Texans.

Lewis’ retirement party could last one more week, but Tom Brady was going to end his Hall of Fame career, right?

Well... he did not.

Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens beat the Broncos and Patriots, arguably the NFL’s two best teams, on the road. Their last challenge is Feb. 3 at Super Bowl XLVII against the San Francisco 49ers.

There is no way this storybook continues. There is no way Flacco turns the corner to elite level and Ray Lewis adds another Vince Lombardi Trophy to his resume, right?

Well... They could, and if you ask me, they will.


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