Devil Dish: Lakers' future still looks bright

It doesn't look good for the Los Angeles Lakers. Or does it?

They came out of the gates struggling, and things have not gotten much better for them.

With that said, the Lakers are going to secure a playoff spot and make a run at the NBA championship.

The Lakers have dealt with numerous problems in their first months — injuries to Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol.

They had a coach, Mike Brown, who was running an offense meant for players with no individual talent.

If one looks at 2011 Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat’s record in the first season of the Big Three, it finished a very impressive 58-24.

But the Heat struggled out of the gates. In the Big Three’s first nine games together, they went 5-4.

The Lakers’ "Big Four" has only played nine games together during the 37 games this season.

In those nine games, they’ve finished 4-5 — not much different than LeBron James and his friends in their first year. And if one takes away the losses under Mike Brown, the Lake Show are 4-3.

The Lakers are not an elite team yet, but the does the Lakers’ future still seem so bad?


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