Devil Dish: Sonics could return, but at what cost?

After years of suffering, Seattle Supersonics fans could finally get their team back for the 2013-14 NBA season.

It's easy to feel happy for the folks up in The Emerald City. After all, the Sonics were taken away from them due to horrible management and the city government's failure to support the franchise with a new arena. Many fans remained vocal and continued to let the league know that their city still deserved an NBA team.

Ironically, Seattle's redemption will come at the city of Sacramento's expense.

After experiencing financial troubles, the Maloof family will sell the Sacramento Kings to Seattle investor Chris Hansen.

Like Sonics fans, Kings fans consistently made up one of the NBA's most passionate fan bases, especially when the team rivaled against the Los Angeles Lakers in the postseasons of the early 2000s.

Sadly, Kings fans are about to experience the same suffering as Seattle natives did.

What's happening to the people in these two cities is tragic in many ways. Unfortunately, we still have to accept that professional basketball is a business. Although it's easy for fans to claim it's their team, the organization they support is someone's property. Owners still have every right to run it as they please.

Business is business.


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