Devil Dish: The Pro Bowl is now a punishment

The Pro Bowl has become a joke. Just ask Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.

After the Ravens eliminated the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, the ASU alum continued to bad-mouth last year's conference champions on his way to the locker room.

"Tell them to have fun in the Pro Bowl!" Suggs shouted.

Why does a free trip to Hawaii along with a spot in an all-star game suddenly seem so bad?

Since the NFL moved the annual Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl in 2010, it's turned the game into a mockery. Players who compete for a living simply can't accept consolation prizes.

Fans used to tune in to the Pro Bowl to watch the biggest stars unite for one big game. Now the players competing in the Super Bowl can't even make it under the new rules.

Players used to like the experience. Instead, being a Pro Bowler is nothing more than a fancy title they can add to the right side of their Wikipedia bios.

And don't get me started about the game's action, or lack thereof.

There's still another game this Sunday before the Super Bowl. Oh, you don't care. Sorry for bothering you.


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