Devil Dish: Trash talking has lost its merit

One of the best things about pro sports is the back-and-forth trash talk that seems to characterize every big game.

One of the worst things, though, is when athletes open their mouths at the wrong time.

Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman is one of the biggest offenders.

During last Sunday's NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons, Sherman was all over the field making plays, but his team fell down early.

His trash talking didn't stop, though.

It seemed out of place and foolish, and Falcons receiver Roddy White let the second-year man out of Stanford know that after he beat him down the field for a touchdown.

White got up in Sherman's grill, and Sherman could muster only a sarcastic, embarrassed clap afterward.

Sherman's timid response highlighted the cowardice that has engulfed pro sports.

No longer can athletes take it out like they give it.

Embarrassing your opponent has superseded gamesmanship, and trash talking has lost some of its luster.

Hopefully, trash talking will get back to its clean roots, but I doubt it will any time soon.


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