Devils Dish: It is time to get over Upton

It’s over, Arizona Diamondbacks fans. It is time to move on.

Justin Upton is gone, and he is never coming back.

It’s like "30 Rock." It’s over, and it’s time to find a new show.

As somewhat of a D-backs fan, I have to say good riddance.

Yes, the dude is a man-child. Yes, he can hit a home run all the way to the Fat Burger in the back of the centerfield stands. Yes, he did burn our No. 1 overall pick on him and, yes, he does sell some tickets to the young single ladies in Phoenix.

Other than that, what has Upton given the D-backs? Not much.

He did have a pretty good season in 2011. But other than that he really has not lived up to his potential.

Also, I think he wanted to leave. There was some kind of tension between Upton and either the coaching staff or front office.

He also was not that loyal to the fans. Remember that time popped his head up and smiled at the fans booing him after he had struck out for what must have been the fourth time that game?

Well Atlanta, you may have scored yourself a future MVP or the dud that we have had for a couple years now.


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