Man arrested after attempting to direct traffic

ASU Police reported the following incidents Thursday:


A Tempe man was arrested Jan. 18 on the corner of South Mill Avenue and East University Drive on suspicion of obstructing traffic, according to a police report.

The man was seen crossing the street during the no walking sign, police reported.

He was also seen talking to a vehicle as the stoplight turned green, causing traffic to pile up, according to the report.

The man tried to direct traffic as he stood in the street, police reported.

Two police officers told the man to get off of the road, according to the report.

The man argued that he had the right to stand in the street and said he wasn't aware that police were telling him to get off of the road, police reported.

The man was arrested after flipping off the two police officers and yelling profanity at them, according to the report.


Police are looking for a suspect in connection with burglary and criminal damage to a Gilly Vending vending machine in the Language and Literature building located at Cady Mall, according to police reports.

On Saturday, a 20-year-old woman reported a possible burglary on the basement level of the LL building, police reported.

Loose coins summing up to $13.25 were found on the floor and the two vending machines were found with the service doors open, according to the report.

Both vending machines showed signs of forced entry and pry marks on the lower end and at the top of the machine, police said.


Reports compiled by Paulina Pineda.

Reach the reporter at or follow her on Twitter @paulinapineda22

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