'Parker' is packed with action, thrill

Pitchforks: 3.5/5

Rating: R

Releases: Jan. 25


An action-packed thriller with a twist, Parker will keep audience members anxious for what the next course of action will be.

The film opens right smack in the middle of a robbery that seems to turn out to be successful, amidst all odds. Parker, played by Jason Statham, is the head guy in the group of thieves. They later disown him and leave him to die on the side of the road when he tries to dictate where the money they robbed should go.

This becomes a revenge scheme for Parker, who plots to take back the loot in a series of maneuvers and phone calls. On his search for the thieves, Parker finds Leslie Rodgers, played by Jennifer Lopez, who becomes his most unlikely ally. Leslie is a real estate agent who is trying to make it in the business, but things unfortunately never seem to go her way.

Leslie becomes suspicious when she senses something odd about Parker, who has now changed his name and nationality, when she finds out that his credit score and background check indicate his documents are false. Leslie questions Parker about her findings and, in her need, she agrees to help him bring down the mob.

Beginning with plenty of momentum, the film promises to keep its fast pace and level of entertainment. Many of the events are unbelievable, but at least the main character doesn’t end up completely unscathed.

As opposed to the villains in a typical action drama, this bad guy doesn't get caught. Instead he ends up getting what he wants from the ruthless thieves who almost killed him. If you are looking to entertain yourself with action and thievery for roughly two hours, then this film is for you.


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