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Congratulations on surviving the first week of the semester. Also, welcome back to Spin The Reel, the top 5 YouTube videos of the week. If you missed the kickoff of Spin The Reel, click here and enjoy.

1. George Michaels reincarnated

If you are a social networking aficionado, chances are good that you are familiar with trolling. In case you are a hermit, trolling pertains to those who are perpetually obnoxious and sometimes hilarious. Sergio Flores, a.k.a. the sexy sax man, is a good example. Flores travels to various places, such as a crowded mall, and plays “Careless Whisper” by George Michaels over and over again on his saxophone. The end results are quite humorous.

2. Nyan Cat is annoying? Think again

This video features over 10 hours of He-man wailing “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. Even for those who have never heard of the song title or the band name, it’s almost certain that the distinct “I said hey, what’s going on?” is recognizable by most. Although He-man’s cameo is amusing, watching the full video is not recommended.

3. Trolling Round 2

Ali G, or Sacha Baron Cohen, deserves to be mentioned again due to his hilarious videos. This time around, G is conducting an interview with Andy Rooney. G’s improper use of the English language angers Rooney, prompting a grammar lesson.

4. Not-so-super superheroes

The release of the “Avengers” movie in the late spring experienced extreme popularity not too far after it came out. YouTube personality egoraptor decided to release an animated parody of the film’s main characters.

5. Passion for strange fashion?

Glances around any of the ASU campuses can confirm the presence of weird attire at times. The popular collegehumor on YouTube took it up to a complete different notch.


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