Sun Devil Street Wear: rainy day edition

Dressing for rainy days is rather difficult as an Arizona native. I am not used to so much rain and cold, especially when trying to pick out my outfits. It seems that all I can wear is a sweatshirt and jeans.

However, while recently walking around campus, I have found that it is not impossible to look fashionable in the pouring rain. Lots of students who come from states where it constantly rains have a slight advantage when it comes to being fashionable in the winter. Leather jackets, scarves and boots seem to be the latest campus trends for when the weather forecast calls for rain. I think it might be wise to invest in one or all of these pieces soon with all the winter weather happening in the Valley. So thank you to all the out-of-staters who bring rainy day fashion inspiration to campus!

On a cloudy Monday afternoon, the sun finally broke through the clouds for a slight moment and these ASU students threw off their raincoats with style.

1_28 (1).JPG Photo Courtesy of Haleigh DiIullo

1. JJ Sherman, political science Red Toms, Levis (Buffalo Exchange), Shirt (from a Milwaukee designer)

2. Bethy Lowthorpe, philosophy Whole outfit (Q)

3. Briajahni Cole, sociology Jacket (Forever 21), Boots (from California)

4. Nicholas Nociforo, marketing Tie (H&M;), Converse shoes (Buffalo Exchange)

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