Tempe fires city manager

The Tempe City Council voted Monday to fire its city manager.

Charlie Meyer was terminated as Tempe's city manager by a 5-2 vote.

Five of the council members, including Mayor Mark Mitchell, voted to fire Meyer based on his lack of communication. Council members said they also voted to fire Meyer because of specific experiences, but would not disclose further details at the meeting.

Meyer, who was hired as city manager in December 2007, sent a mass email Friday to all city employees stating that he expected to be fired within the following few weeks.

Councilman Corey Woods was one of the members to vote for Meyer's termination.

“What really concerned me was the email that was sent out this past Friday to our employees,” Woods said. “I thought to myself, 'If I personally sent out an email of that nature to the city employees that I worked with at my job, would I be allowed to remain in my position ... and the answer I came back to pretty immediately was no.'”

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