Top 5 YouTube videos to ease back-to-school stress

The start of a new semester resembles the harbinger of doom. Professors present an array of assignments and suddenly those exams in three weeks feel uncomfortably close. Here is a list of the top five videos to help ease some of the stress that creeps up on us during the first few weeks of school. Videos range in topic from humor to gosh darn cute.

1. Alter egos and celebrities and rage, oh my!

Ali G, commonly known as Sacha Baron Cohen, scopes out celebrities and prominent figures for interviews. Every interview contains hilarious content. Spoiler alert: There was never a conspiracy stating that the moon doesn’t exist.

2. President expresses self through song

Well, not quite. One YouTuber took the liberty (insert laugh at pun) to find various footage of Obama speaking and mixed it together. The awkward tones in his speeches as he is “singing” may not generate laughs, but it is surely entertaining.

3. Killing the laptop slowly … with cuteness

It’s difficult to determine which aspect of the video is funnier: a ridiculously cute kitten treating a laptop like it is a couch, or the fact that someone would let their feline mess with their laptop. Either way, the kitten distracts viewers from its owner’s misfortune. After the brief stint of puppy fever, it is time for the feline to shine.

4. Steve Kardynal was “Born This Way”

The first 20 seconds appear routine in New York City. Residents and tourists ride the subway when Steve Kardynal, dressed in a shocking Lady Gaga outfit, stands up and begins to dance. Kardynal takes his humorous antics to the streets of New York City, much to the delight (and dismay) of New Yorkers.

5. Wealth can buy education, not brains

Fans of the hit show "Full House" easily recognize Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Elaine Carroll created a series revolving around parodying the famous twin sisters. Each episode is complete with incredibly obnoxious voices and facepalm-worthy scenes. Carroll takes a shot of the Olsens participating in class oral presentations. P.S. Manifest Destiny is not the name of Beyonce’s former girl group.


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