Devil Dish: ABC show "Splash" should never happen

OK, we need to talk about "Splash."

Have you seen the commercials for ABC's new celebrity diving show? Stars from all walks of life are giving only a handful of weeks to learn how to do an Olympic-style high dive and compete against one another for the chance to stick around for another week.

First of all, what?

Second of all, didn't Fox already do this?

I can't believe there are so many people from the sports world that associate with this excuse for entertainment.

Katherine Webb makes the most sense of the group. I mean, the girl's got to get the most of what I hope is only 15 minutes of fame. Same with Ndamukong Suh, who desperately needs good publicity.

But Kareem?

Why Mr. Abdul-Jabbar, why? You are the all-time leading scorer in NBA; you aren't really underexposed as an athlete. Plus, writing critiques on the HBO show, "Girls," for The Huffington Post is 10 times cooler than this.

I really hope this show only lasts one episode, so we can quickly forget that Kareem ever did this.

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