Devil Dish: LeBron on his way to being the greatest

Michael Jordan celebrated his 50th birthday Sunday. It just so happened that this occurred at the same time LeBron James is playing out of his mind.

With these two worlds colliding, the Jordan vs. James debate has been brought up constantly these last two weeks. James has a great chance to not only become one of the greatest players of all-time, but to also dethrone Jordan as the greatest of all-time.

It’s remarkable that a player hyped-up as a teen not only lived up to the hype but has done things nobody expected him to do. The argument against James is he only has one ring or he’s won one title in three chances.

Go look back at how bad that Cleveland Cavaliers roster was that got swept by the San Antonio Spurs.

Nobody gives the Dallas Mavericks credit for the way they attacked the Miami Heat and James. And nobody gives James credit for making the only weakness in his game — working in the post — his biggest strength.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Heat win gets a three-peat in the next two years. The haters will hate and crack those hairline jokes.

What they’ll fail to do sit back and enjoy what he has done during the last two years.

We are all witnesses.

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