Devil Dish: NBA All-Star Weekend unsatisfying

With a slate full of NBA stars, the All-Star weekend left many viewers thoroughly disappointed.

From a sub-par skills challenge — where the players looked like they barely cared at all — to a live performance by Phillip Phillips singing his song "Home," the events leading up to the dunk contest had me yawning on the couch.

When the time finally came for the highly heralded Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, I was ready for some high-flying, jaw-dropping dunks.

Yet again, I was left disappointed.

If you’re performing on that big of a stage, where greats like Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and Clyde Drexler have thrown down, I expect you to execute and be innovative.

I will admit that some of the dunkers were pretty unique in their styles, and there are only so many things you can do to dunk a ball. But a majority of these guys couldn’t get the ball in the hoop until their tenth time trying.

Fans lose interest after a guy fails so many times

NBA All-Star weekend, meet the NFL Pro Bowl. You guys are exactly alike.

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