Devil Dish: NBA naïve about PEDs

Earlier this week, NBA commissioner David Stern announced that the league would begin testing for HGH and PEDs in the wake of Lance Armstrong’s confession and speculation over Ray Lewis using steroids.

Stern’s attitude on this new testing strategy is that he’s just being extra careful, and there really isn’t a steroid problem of any kind in the NBA, because it really won’t benefit the players.

It’s not like these athletes have an immense amount of pressure to perform or max contracts on the line.

And they're all so skinny. You can’t be skinny and on steroids or HGH. I mean look at that beef cake Floyd Landis!

In the history of the NBA, only seven players have served suspensions for steroids. Those guys were obviously rogue criminals and not just the only ones dumb enough to get caught in an anti-doping system members of Congress called “pathetic” and “a joke.”

And those guys were doled out tough punishments. Like O.J. Mayo and Rashard Lewis, who had to get jobs at the mall because no team would accept those dirty cheaters.

If only all our professional sports could be as clean as the NBA.

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