Increase in funding, event requests drive student growth Downtown

The Downtown Undergraduate Student Government discussed upcoming events and funding for student organizations at Friday's meeting at the Downtown campus.

USGD Director of Finance Sam Tongue said an increase in funding requests and events at the Downtown campus are signs of student growth.

USGD Vice President of Services Leighana Moldrem said that about 2,000 people attended Devilpalooza, a University-wide music festival that included a concert featuring country artist Scotty McCreery at the Polytechnic campus Feb. 8.

USGD plans to have actor Victor Rivers, a best-selling author and domestic violence activist, speak on the Downtown campus soon.

USGD Vice President of Policy David Bakardjiev said he did not receive feedback from professors on a proposed textbook pledge, which would ensure that textbooks are reused for at least four semesters. This would cut costs for most students, but may be difficult for science majors because of updates, he said.

"(The pledge) is not applicable for every single major," Bakardjiev said.

said using textbook companies that have online editions will be more cost efficient for students.

The Sundevil Sizzle, an event used to get students excited for the the last ASU home basketball game, was another success for USGD, public relations director Emily Antuna said.

USGD is also planning a Locavore Challenge, an event that aims to connect with local businesses by encouraging them to offer deals to students. The students' receipts will be entered into a raffle for prizes to reward supporting local businesses.

Members also discussed campus safety by proposing lockdown drills because of previous shootings at other schools.

Arizona State Therapeutic Recreation Association, ASU Mindfulness, Health Occupation Student of America, Innovative Breaks and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association all received money from USGD for upcoming activities.

Social Work Students Association and the Well Devil council are also receiving funding from USGD. Social Work Association is receiving about $2,000 for T-shirts, promotional cards and their tents, while the Well Devils is receiving $4,915 for free smoothies to students and a performance by hip-hop group Luminaries.

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