Man threatens to kill party-goers

Tempe Police reported the following incidents Thursday:


A 32-year-old man was arrested Jan. 20 on East Orange Street on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon, misconduct involving weapons and an outstanding warrant, according to a police report.

The man was attending a party when he got into an altercation with another man and attempted to stab the man with a kitchen knife, according to police.

After the man was thrown into a window and removed from the house, he promised to return with a gun and kill everyone at the party, police reported.

The man returned 20 minutes later with a handgun and threatened to kill the man who threw him into the window, according to the report.

The other man pulled out his own firearm in self-defense, police reported.

The man left the house in his car but was later found by police after an investigation, according to police.


A 21-year-old man was arrested Jan. 20 on the 1800 block of East Apache Boulevard on suspicion of driving under the influence in the slightest degree and resisting arrest, according to a police report.

The man caused a car collision on Apache Boulevard a witness told a police officer, according to the report.

When the officer smelled alcohol on the man’s breath and asked him if he had been drinking, the man attempted to flee, police reported.

The officer used pepper spray and a Taser on the man to stop him, but it was ineffective, according to the report.

The man continued to resist arrest, but the officer got him onto the ground and called for backup, according to the report.

When backup arrived, officers used a Taser on the man twice more before stunning and pushing him to the ground, where they were able to detain him, according to police.

The man was treated for Taser and pepper spray exposure before being transported to Tempe City Jail, according to police.


A 58-year-old man was arrested Jan. 18 on Scottsdale Road on suspicion of driving with a suspended license and illegal drug possession, according to a police report.

A police officer stopped the man because his registration and insurance were expired and his driver's license was suspended, police reported.

The man first told police he did not have anything illegal in his vehicle, but after the officer told him a search would be conducted, the man said he had methamphetamine, according to the report.

The man told the officer he intended to sell it to a friend and used some of it earlier that day, police reported.

The man was transported to Tempe City Jail, where he was booked and released pending drug charges, according to the report.


Reports compiled by Josh Thrall.

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