Take Action Tour rocks Marquee Theatre

(Photo courtesy of K.J Mark) (Photo courtesy of K.J Mark)

Marquee Theatre shook with the rock music of the Take Action Tour when it rolled through Arizona on Sunday.

Headliner rock veterans The Used, drew a huge crowd for the concert as part of a tour to raise money for the It Gets Better Project, a charity aimed at helping LGBT teenagers.

Brazilian rockers MindFlow opened the packed show with a rousing set that would not have been out of place at a Killswitch Engage show. The audience was already excited for the show and gave the band a warm reception, as singer Danilo Herbert thanked the audience repeatedly and encouraged the mosh pits that broke out during the set.

Post-hardcore newcomers Crown the Empire kept the energy up, launching right into its set after a very short wait. The band only got a short time on stage, but it certainly made the most of it. Playing an intense set, including “Memories of a Broken Heart” and “Graveyard Souls,” the band really got the audience moving with “Menace.” Vocalists Andy Leo and David Escamilla described the song as one of their angriest tracks and screamed at the fans to create a circle pit as they launched into “The Fallout” to close the set.

Heavy rockers We Came As Romans were the next to tear up the Marquee stage. At this point in the evening, the audience was really riled up and ready to move to the breakdowns that the band happily provided. The frenetic set included “To Move On Is to Grow,” “A War Inside” and “Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be.” While the music was energetic, the most bizarre moment of the evening came when the band began throwing hot dogs out into the crowd, recommending that fans cook them before eating them. The band then divided the audience down the middle and threw a giant stuffed teddy bear on the floor. The bear was filled with shirts and the fans were instructed to tear it apart when the beat dropped for the song; the crowd responded enthusiastically, littering the floor with bits of stuffing.

While the opening bands kept the crowd energized, the volume really rose when the lights and music began, signaling the arrival of The Used. The screams intensified when polarizing frontman Bert McCracken took the stage to kick off a rowdy set. The fans sang every word as the band played through songs from all of its albums, including “Put Me Out,” “I Caught Fire” and “Blood on My Hands.”

The Used proved that they haven’t lost a step over the last 12 years as a band when they played “Pieces Mended,” a track from its 2002 debut album. The circle pits and crowd surfing never stopped throughout the duration of the band’s time on stage and it was clear that the diverse crowd was having a fantastic time singing along to the songs.

The band closed the set with McCracken yelling, “Thank you for making our dreams come true for the last 12 years!” The band then called for a wall of death and ended the night on a note that had everyone smiling as they left the venue.

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