Devil Dish: NFL mockery drafts

All of these NFL mock drafts are really just starting to get annoying and repetitive.

Having a mock draft before teams have even had the chance to sign free agents is like driving a car without a steering wheel — it’s useless.

Yes, by all means, scout a player and determine whether he will go high or low in the draft. But stop trying to put a name to a team. It’s futile before March 12, the date NFL teams can officially talk to free agents.

All 32 teams will be making acquisitions come free agency period.

The first 10 picks can change in the draft substantially depending on which team gets whom from the free agent pool.

In his latest mock draft, ESPN’s so-called “draft expert,” Todd McShay, has the Cardinals taking quarterback Geno Smith at the seventh pick.

Currently there are seven QB free agents: Matt Moore, David Garrard, Brady Quinn, Chase Daniel, Drew Stanton, Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer.

Now, I’m not saying the Cardinals are definitely going to sign one of those guys, but they have shown that they aren’t very smart in the past.

My point? Hold off on your mock drafts until after teams have made their free agent signings.

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