Video: Cameron Diaz talks science and religion

Arizona State University's Gammage Theater in Tempe, Az hosted a special pre-screening of The Unbelievers film Friday March 29 and 30.

The movie that is set to release later in 2013 includes renowned scientific minds like Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking and ASU's very own Lawrence Krauss.

After the screening Krauss moderated a panel that opened discussion on free thought, science and atheism amongst several of the people involved in the movie. Those people were Richard Dawkins, Director of Photography Luke Holwerda, Director Gus Holwerda, Ian McEwan and Cormac McCarthy (left to right, respectively).

The film, which is based around atheism, also conatins appearances from such celebrities as Cameron Diaz, Ricky Gervais, Woody Allen and Tim Minchin.

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