Boos & Bravos: Jan. 20

Boo to the explosion and fire at an animal feed plant in Omaha, Neb., on Monday morning. Two people died and 10 were seriously injured during the collapse of the building. Bravo to Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman for actually showing emotion in his post-game interview with Erin Andrews on Fox. It has become increasingly rare for athletes to speak their minds, rather than give a PR-fed quote. Boo-ravo to the Sundance Film Festival for a great selection this year, with films such as "Nick Offerman: American Ham," starring Nick Offerman of "Parks and Recreation" fame. However, their selection leans toward over-represented groups in the media, leaving many untold stories to languish in silence.

Boo to the U.N. for capitulating to Western power's insistence on removing regional power Iran from the international discussions on the Syrian crisis. This move marks a bizarre turn of face for the U.N. from their repeated attempts to create a regional and global coalition towards ending the conflict.

Bravo to Iran for halting some of its nuclear operations. The U.S. and the European Union suspended sanctions against the country Monday.

Boo to Tau Kappa Epsilon, who was suspended pending investigation for throwing an off-campus party allegedly called the “MLK Black Party.” It's 2014. Do we seriously still need to have the conversation where we explain that racial stereotypes are wrong? Apparently so. If you want to party, cool, but leave the racial and ethnically stereotyped costumes out of it.

Bravo to President Barack Obama for his progressive stances on marijuana and concussions. Obama said in aNew Yorker interview that marijuana is not a worse drug than alcohol and questioned the uneven application of criminalized drug charges. He also called out football for its high concussion rate and said it is a sport that would be too dangerous for his hypothetical sons.

Boo to the immaturity displayed by Justin Bieber this past week. Not only is he in trouble with the law for egging his neighbor's house and causing approximately $20,000 in damage, he also allegedly peed his own initials into the snow while in Colorado.

Bravo to Downsize Fitness, a gym for people who are 50 pounds or more overweight meant to "eliminate the self-conscious and alienating atmosphere that may be found at other fitness centers." The founder was a "chronic gym quitter" because of looks she got while working out at other gyms which made her uncomfortable.

Boo to Amazon's new patented "anticipatory package shipping" that assumes previous searches, wish lists and even the amount of time a cursor hovers over a product to be reason enough to ship an item to a potential customer — even if a full addressee is not known. Uh, does anyone else hear Michael Bolton softly singing "Every Breath You Take?"

Bravo to the Jamaican bobsled team for qualifying for the Sochi Olympics for the first time in 12 years. The team is fundraising online through Crowdit and Indiegogo to raise enough money to cover equipment costs. It is reported that the Jamaican Olympic officials and the Sochi Organizing Committee would cover the travel costs.


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