Devil Dish: Assigning ownership to the 12 major sports cities

There are 12 metropolitan areas that have a team in the four major sports leagues: the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL.

Let’s say that each of these cities has a year in which all their teams won a championship. For which team would each city be most happy?

Boston: No contest, the Red Sox are king.

Chicago: Can you imagine if the Cubs won the World Series?

Dallas: No matter what Josh Hamilton says, that’s a football city. Cowboys.

Denver: John Elway and Peyton Manning are worshipped as gods there, aren’t they? Broncos take it.

Detroit: Hey Hey Hockeytown – the Red Wings hold a special place.

Miami: I would say Heat, but that’s a lot of bandwagoners and the 1972 Dolphins only happened once.

Minneapolis/St. Paul: It’s all about those Vikings.

New York: Talk to the rings. A 28th for the Yankees would just add fuel to the obnoxious fire that is Yankees fans.

Philadelphia: Tough one, but the Phillies have the only championship since the 76ers in 1983. Phils just beat out the Eagles.

Phoenix: All the teams are young in the Valley other than the Suns, but the town was painted red during the Cardinals’ Super Bowl run.

San Francisco/Bay Area: A toss-up, but I’d say that the 49ers own that area.

Washington, D.C.: Redskins. Baseball has its history in the nation’s capital, but the Nationals are only 9 years old.

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