Faulty Replication: And then there's this girl

“So, this is me.”ae31f938-753d-45a0-afca-d0d3f1b5ee3a

A common phrase at the end of every first date ever, but now I get to gratuitously use it on my blog because I’m talking about myself.

In reality, I’m not one to say such things. I generally twitch my eyebrows at the cutie who decided I was okay to woo and do some awkward flailing.

Some find it endearing, and others not so much.

I’m Stephanie, 22, and a senior majoring in anthropology. My main hope is to be an author—and yes, I’m working on my novel; It's the same one I said I've been writing for five years but haven’t actually started.

Until I come to a point where I can function without creative procrastination, I’m going to be throwing my talent into freelance writing and journalism.

Writing for the State Press is a new facet of my ever-expanding professional livelihood. I found out that they were interviewing during Thanksgiving Break of last year and though I've wanted to write for them for years, I was never quite brave enough to apply (Is there a phobia of rejection? Because there should be). This year, I decided to bite the bullet and I ended up getting two positions with them instead of one!

I graduate in five months and there’s nothing that fills me with knee-shaking terror like the thought of being a big kid in such a short amount of time. So, for the next 5 months, I’ll be trying to establish myself as a career woman, save enough money to travel abroad for 4 to 5 months and not fail the GRE in May.

I have the outlandish dream of going to Emerson or NYU-SCPS for publishing or creative writing. Dreams are the fodder of my imagination, which is why I decided to be an inspiration blogger. I will use the semester to extol life's ups and downs and how all college students suffer from the "I don't know what I'm doing" syndrome.

My blog is called "Faulty Replication" because it relates to the way I spent years trying to fit in and be popular (also known as the plot of every high school movie ever).

Eventually, I got tired of doing what other people told me to and I jumped off the bandwagon. I ended up just being myself: weird, but entertaining, and far happier than I ever had been. This blog is a coalescence of post-teenage angst and life discoveries.

I want to use my blog to show students that they aren't alone in feeling confused and being broke as a joke (my bank account is past tumbleweed status). I want this blog to explain that being like everyone else is overrated and our imperfections are what make us human. Our humanity is what makes us beautiful.

Reach the blogger at Stephanie.Tate@asu.edu or follow her on Twitter: @StephanieITA.

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