How-To: Keep your New Year's resolutions in 3 simple steps


As we ease into the second semester of the school year, we are also beginning 2014. In order to take advantage of this clean slate, we typically set goals or resolutions for ourselves that will most likely be ignored after a week, at most. The stress from merely reading our new syllabi can be enough to make us want to eat an entire pizza and watch five straight hours of Netflix. But what if we made our resolutions simpler? Here you will find three realistic New Year's resolutions and how to realistically achieve them while finding success in the new semester.

1. Be Healthy

This goal is simultaneously the most common resolution and the most abandoned resolution. After hours of class and studying, dragging yourself to the gym and eating a pita for dinner does not stand a chance next to a nap and cookies. So instead of making it a chore, try to find something that incorporates healthy living into social interaction and fun. For example, use one of the biggest trends of 2013 and twerk it out. Take a dance or zumba class instead of jogging on the treadmill. As for healthy eating, turn fast food trips into healthy eating trips. When going out to dinner or lunch, challenge yourself to find a place that serves food that you have never tried or seen before. The Original Chopshop Co., located on University, is close to campus and offers healthy alternatives to the fast food you'll find at the Memorial Union. Variety will inspire you to be curious about what you eat, and thinking about what you eat is a vital part of healthy living.

2. Be More Organized

In theory, this goal seems pretty simple: buy a few binders, get some flashcards, make your bed. It seems pretty easy, right? Unfortunately, this resolution can be a real challenge. Somehow papers disappear, your dorm floor becomes covered in miscellaneous items and your assignment book becomes a new coaster for your dirty dishes. Do not let this happen in 2014. Like being healthy, make organization fun. When connecting the words “fun” and “organized,” Ikea immediately comes to mind. Take a trip to the Ikea in Tempe with your friends and you will warmly welcome organization back into your life. How can you have a messy room if you have bright shelves and coat hangers that look like dog tails? Yes, those actually exist. Now go to IKEA.

3. Get Involved

Involvement is often a resolution created from the encouragement of professors and other faculty members at the university. Although the benefits of this resolution are undeniable, the broad significance of this task can become overwhelming. If you find that involvement in clubs or organizations related to your major becomes stressful and almost burdensome, join something that you enjoy doing even if it does not have any connection to what you are studying. It will give your mind a break and keep you from becoming jaded. ASU is massive; there are no excuses for being unable to find at least one thing that interests you.

There you have it: three simple ways to make this a better year and a better you. However, don’t limit yourself: get creative and make your own New Year's resolution list. Encouragement and enjoyment are the best ways to make these goals a success. Happy 2014, Sun Devils.

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