Seattle Seahawks restore faith in Seattle sports

The last Seattle sports team to make it to the final round of its sport's playoff — the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals — was the 2006 Seattle Seahawks.

Before that, the only team to accomplish such a feat was a team that no longer exists. That team also holds the only championship trophy in Seattle sports history.

The Mariners hold the record for most regular season wins in MLB history (116), but postseason success has been few and far between. Recently, regular season success hasn't been so prevalent, either; the M's have missed the playoffs the last 12 seasons.

So this is a thank you to not only the 2013-14 Seahawks, but to everyone involved in the process of building this team over the past few seasons.

Thank you, Paul Allen, for being an active and responsible owner. You purchased the team as it was threatening to leave, and you've stuck with them since. Most of all, you didn't sell the team, simply because you didn't enjoy owning it. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Howard Schultz.

Thank you, John Schneider, for establishing a close relationship with head coach Pete Carroll and sticking with him after two seven-win seasons. Many teams would have fired their head coach after two mediocre seasons (albeit, a playoff appearance). Yeah, I'm looking at you, Mariners.

Thank you, Pete Carroll, for changing the culture of Seahawks football. Seattle now has the most physical, dominant defense in football, yet Carroll makes it a fun environment in which to play.

Finally, thank you to the players. Everyone from cornerback Richard Sherman to quarterback Russell Wilson to special teams standouts like Heath Farwell and Chris Maragos. You've made this season the most enjoyable season of sports I can remember, even for a fan who prefers baseball. Again, I'm looking at you, Mariners.

Now go win this city a Super Bowl. You deserve it. We deserve it. When I come home in May, I want to be able to see a Lombardi Trophy.

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