Why I watched the Grammys instead of the Pro Bowl

emersondishprobowlAll-Star games are a fantastic idea. The best players in the sport all in one place for one game.

The only problem is that All-Star games suck.

I didn't watch the Pro Bowl on Sunday. I heard it was a close game, but I don't need "Team Rice" or "Team Sanders" showing me that.

Instead, I watched the Grammys. Or I could have pay-per-viewed WWE's Royal Rumble. Barring those, I would have watched paid programming before I watched the Pro Bowl.

It's not just football.     NBA's game this year will have Kobe Bryant as a starter, despite him playing a total of six games and 177 minutes all season.

The NHL will have only had five in 10 years because of lockouts and the Winter Olympics taking precedence.

In the MLB, the winning league gets World Series home field advantage. Since that rule was enacted, no All-Star Game MVP has played in that year’s World Series.

Of the four, MLB’s game is the only one I find watchable. It’s the only one that is actually taken seriously and the only where players actually play defense.

Well, I guess the Pro Bowl could have been this year. I don’t know how it ended, but I know Batista won the Royal Rumble and Daft Punk won Album of the Year.

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