Young the Giant successfully defeats the sophomore slump

The popular indie rock group Young the Giant has finally released its sophomore album after three years. The Orange County natives have managed a second album, titled “Mind Over Matter,"  after struggling with a bit of writer's block.

After a successful self-titled debut album, including hit songs such as “My Body” and “Cough Syrup,” the band took some time to produce another solid record just as good as its first. Although it is obvious this record is much more produced than its first garage-band styled album, the band is still compelling with lead singer Sameer Gadhia’s unique voice.

The band speaks about taking some risk with this album, with a distorted organ sound on the song “Crystallized,” notes from digital strings and other synth sounds. There is also a vast change in the level of maturity of the lyrics compared to the "SoCal" beach vibe of the group's first album, the songs flowing with poetic rhythm and meaning.

Kicking off with short introduction “Slow Drive” and continuing with the album's first track, “Anagram,” the album keeps an upbeat tone throughout.

The three singles that were released before the album dropped: “It’s About Time,” “Crystallized” and “Mind Over Matter,” all topped the U.S. alternative rock charts upon release. As a whole, the album sits at No. 7 on the iTunes top albums list and fourth on its list of alternative albums.

The album slows down midway with “Firelight,” a mellow melody with the same beautifully thought-out lyrics that are present throughout the entire album. As Gadhia belts, "I don't believe, is this the end of the sea staring at me. I could be free in a dream," the track showcases a certain strength in his voice, which sets this band aside from the rest. "I don't believe, is this the end of the sea staring at me. I could be free in a dream."

The album features 12 songs and an intro track, but some top picks to check out include “Camera,” “Crystallized,” “In My Home” and “Eros.”

"Mind Over Matter" is available on iTunes for $7.99. You can also listen to the album on Spotify for free.

Young the Giant goes on tour in February and will be performing in both Tucson and Phoenix, concluding its tour with an appearance at Firefly Music Festival on June 19.

Tickets for Young the Giant's Feb. 11 show at the Rialto Theater in Tucson can be purchased online. Tickets for their Feb. 12 show at Comerica Theater are also available for purchase online, or you can call the Comerica Theater box office at (602) 379-2888.

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