8 unique Valentine’s Day dates

Dinner and a movie have become the ultimate cliché in romance. Here are some different date ideas that are sure to make Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one.

Become cooks

For extra fun this Valentine's Day, prepare the entire meal — from appetizers to desserts — yourselves. From looking up your favorite recipes to exploring new cuisine, this date idea is sure to bring two people together.



Something that doesn’t scream “romance”

Shoot your significant other with Cupid’s arrow, except this year in the form of paintball. Games like laser tag or paintball may not seem like a Valentine’s Day activity, but they are great bonding tools and allow you to show your playful side. Just make sure not to aim for his or her face.

Channel your inner child

Other fun and unique date locations may be aimed more for kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them, too. Places like the zoo, an amusement park or even an empty playground can be a blast with that special someone.

Show off your pop star side

Even if neither of you can carry a tune to save your lives, head to a karaoke bar — or pull out a copy of "Rock Band" at home — and serenade each other with the cheesiest love songs you can find. Bonus points if the song is older than you are.

Go to a local show

If you would rather hear professional singers than yourself, see if there are any small concerts going on in the area and check them out, even if you have never heard of the act. Their next single could end up being your song.

Let’s all go to the drive-in

Yes, drive-ins do still exist. They are great for a retro twist on the classic movie date. Plus, they offer more privacy, and no one cares if you talk during the movie.

Have a picnic

Don’t have much free time on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry. Even a simple picnic in the park — or even on the quad — between classes can be romantic, as long as you are with your significant other. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Have a night in

If you are both homebodies who prefer staying to going out, a night cuddling on the couch is perfect. Order in your favorite food and start binge watching your favorite TV show on Netflix (the second season of "House of Cards" premieres this Friday), or battling each other at your favorite video game.

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