Derek Jeter's retirement a historic moment for baseball

kwitIn my time as a baseball fan, I’ve seen the all-time home run record broken, the greatest relief pitcher of all time and one of the longest World Series droughts ended, but watching Derek Jeter retire might end up be the most historic moment I’ve seen as a baseball fan.

Believe me, I am no Yankee fan, but it would be ignorant to not credit him as being one of the best to play the game. Jeter is the kind of player I will tell my son about when he’s learning the game and the kind of athlete I can look back at fondly in my old age and remember the golden age of the game.

Jeter is an icon, not just for New York but for baseball as a whole. Following his injury-ridden season last year, it’s not really a shock that he’s thinking of leaving, especially with his 40th birthday right around the corner.


I’ve sworn at him, cheered against his team, hoped for errors that would never happen and scorned the guy since I’ve learned that the Yankees were the enemy, but frankly, watching Jeter leave is going to be heart-wrenching.

He’s carried New York on his shoulders for years and lived up to every expectation ever set for him. Jeter, you may have haunted my memories as a fan, but you will live forever as a symbol of what a truly great player is. You will be missed.

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