How to be in the moment — without Facebook

Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez. Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez.

Life is about participating. Memories are all well and good, but there's nothing like being in a moment you know will never exist again outside of your own mind.

The small things are what matter. It's not about the pictures or the videos. It's about holding something so precious in your hands and fully experiencing it. It would be great if a magical camera could capture every moment that makes our hearts beat faster or a particularly loud joke that startled a snort out of you.

Memories are intangible, precious, and fleeting things, but in those moments--when you are fully participating--there's something magical and incredible about them.



I've struggled with the "social media versus the moment" decision. I want pictures of the second where I make a friend laugh so hard, she has to bend over to catch herself from falling.

I want a video of a stupid dance that we make up when we hear a song. Just so I can remember that moment and rewind it and watch it all over again.

Memories are incredibly important, and it's sad when we forget things, but sometimes, the impermanence of a moment makes it even more beautiful.

The next time you're out and having fun, try to put away your camera for one night. Participate fully. Be in every conversation. Laugh loudly. Dance ridiculously and smile brightly. Don't worry about the pictures you could be taking. Don't think about recording a moment. Bask in each one.

You might find that you'll have an even better time than before.

Life is too short to worry about keeping all of it. We accomplish so much in such little time that it'd be impossible to remember all of it. And sometimes, the best stories you have to tell are the ones where there aren't any pictures at all.

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