Kobe Bryant should sit out rest of 2013-14 NBA season

nacionlakersdishKobe Bryant should take all the time he needs to fully recover from his left knee fracture.

Better yet, he should shut it down for the rest of the 2013-14 NBA season.

There’s no reason why Bryant should make an appearance for the season. The Los Angeles Lakers are clearly in tanking mode with barely any reason to win every night. Bryant’s body is even more vulnerable following the torn Achilles' heel he suffered 10 months ago, so why should he risk it on a lost season?


If he needs some more advice of when not to come back, he should look no further than his point guard, Steve Nash.

Sitting the year out would be the smartest decision, considering Bryant had just signed an extension with the Lakers to play at least two years and still aspires to win a sixth NBA title and break the all-time scoring record.

But watching Bryant all throughout his career, he probably won’t stay out for long.

He’s too stubborn. The thought of losing alone makes him cringe. GIFs and images of him on the bench watching the Lakers tank have been Internet gold.

This has been a season to forget for the Lakers. Bryant shouldn’t give people a reason to remember it by going down a second time.

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