Q&A: ASU gymnastics senior Sammie Seaman relishes last year as Sun Devil

ASU gymnastics senior Sammie Seaman, from Branson, Mo., is having a standout season for the Gym Devils. After missing all of last season to injury before returning for the Pac-12 Championships, Seaman has excelled on floor exercise and vault in the 2014 season for the No. 20 Sun Devils.

The State Press: Coming into your senior season, did you feel any added responsibility?

Seaman: Yeah, I feel like the leadership role is really important, especially being the only senior, and because we don’t have many upperclassmen, too. The incoming freshmen don’t really know what to expect, so we have to guide them. It’s a big responsibility.


SP: Are you cherishing this season more?

SS: Yeah, because the more I go through it I realize that it’s going to be over. I’ve been doing this my whole life, and now I’m not going to have it after this, so every little moment is special.

SP: What performance or meet so far in your career is the most memorable?

SS: Always the meet that we beat UA (Seaman’s sophomore year) is going to be the most memorable, and hopefully again this year when we beat them.

SP: You’ve been with coach John Spini for four years now. In his last year as coach, do you see him acting any differently?

SS: No, not really. You can tell he’s going to miss it though. He means a lot to us, and he's been with the program forever, so it means a lot to him for us to do well and we want to do that for him.

SP: What road trip experience has been the most fun for you?

SS: Definitely in Regionals, when we were on the bus we did the 'Call Me Maybe' video. That was a really fun trip to Oregon, and we did well at the meet, too.

SP: Who is your favorite musician and song by them?

SS: Well, I really like rap, so I’d probably have to say Lil Wayne (laughs). I don’t have a favorite song by him.

SP: If you could be in any TV show, what would it be?

SS: "Cupcake Wars." I’d love to be a part of that show.

SP: If you weren’t a gymnast, what sport would you have participated in?

SS: Honestly, I wanted to do track in high school. Pole vaulting looked fun, but whenever I tried it, I missed the little thing where you stick the pole. Props to pole vaulters.

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